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Catric Corporation   Merger Acquisition Investment Divesture Services for Professional Investor Groups, Public & Private Companies
About Us | Catric Corporation

Selling Your Company

We have several thousand, well-funded, cash rich, financial and strategic buyers on file and/or under contract. These include USA and Foreign Investors. If you wish to sell your Company through our Organization, we can act as Intermediaries, at no charge to yourself or you can retain us on similar terms, as Buyers do (see Professional Arrangements). In such cases we will not charge any fees to the Buyer, only the Seller. Only one fee is payable to us. Our fiduciary obligation is to whomever engages us and pays our fees, namely our client in the project. We are particularly interested in "Companies For Sale" with E.B.I.T.D./A. or E.B.I.T.'s of $1 million or more. Any field of commercial activity is of interest to our Buyers.

Commercial Finance

Catric Corporation structures and arranges credit facilities for a wide range of commercial banking transactions that include:

- Accounts Receivable and Inventory Financing (Revolvers)
- Asset Based Lending
- Commercial Real Estate
- Factoring
- Equipment Financing
- Purchase Order Financing
- Bridge Loans
- Mezzanine or Sub Debt
- Complete Balance Sheet Recapitalizations

We do not act as brokers by taking a “spread” in transactions. Rather we work directly for the client by structuring and arranging the best possible transaction for them. We charge our fees directly to the client and work strictly on their behalf. Our transaction sizes typically range from $1MM to $50MM. While many firms do “Glossy” presentations, we don’t do road shows just to impress the client. We work from an initial small Engagement Fee plus a Success Fee upon funding so we are highly motivated to complete transactions. Our advantage over our larger competitors lies in our abilities to:

- Listen and discern real client needs
- Structure transactions that can really get done
- Identify the correct financing source the first time

We specialize in unique transactions that need to get done. We don’t just “talk deals”, we “do deals”.

Raising Equity Capital

If you need Equity or Debt Capital to further expand or make acquisitions we can secure such Equity Capital for you from our extensive Investor/Buyer base. Generally your project should be able to competitively support $5 million to $250 million in new Equity or Debt Capital. The Investors will allow you to retain a meaningful Equity share, including control in several instances. Projects need to be priced competitively and realistically in the market.

Troubled Companies

Our clients will gladly provide new cash Equity for re-capitalization of troubled Companies in Chapter 11, Companies in need of succession or new Management or to buy-out family members, unhappy partners or public stockholders. Generally a minimum investment of $5 million needs to be justifiable. Up to $250 million per transaction is available for the right situation.

Industry Consolidations

Many of our Clients are currently actively engaged in several Industry Consolidation plays and are aggressively looking at "add-on" mergers and acquisitions with sales of $10 million to $500 million. These can include existing Managements remaining with their Companies or retirements and resignations.

Management Team Financing

Several of our clients specialize in financing and backing successful management teams. They will provide the growth capital to a management team with a history of strong successes in any commercial fields. Generally, about 20% of the Equity is reserved to motivate the management, without further dilution due to additional capitalization. Over $8 billion has been invested to date in this area. Generally, our clients will invest $5 million to $250 million in each of such projects.


Cedric Tollemache and Ed Buchner have collaborated on International Product Movement and Trade Financing since the early seventies. In 1986, they founded the Texas-Carolina Group of Companies, based in Charlotte, North Carolina. Please see the web site at www.texas-carolina.com for details on services provided to
- Manufacturers wishing to export (Export Trading Companies - as provided by US Law)
- Distributors requiring imported products to augment their product ranges (Acting as Import Companies) and
- Companies, who need expertise to overcome the complications of international barriers in the movement and financing of products and services.

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