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Catric Corporation   Merger Acquisition Investment Divesture Services for Professional Investor Groups, Public & Private Companies
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Since 1982 we have consulted for a number of leading American and European Companies in the areas of strategic and growth planning. They include:
• AT&T: Bell Labs
• Bouygues Group: A French Conglomerate
• CSM: The Dutch Food Co.
• Dresser Industries: now a division of Haliburton Corp.
• Elf Aquitaine: The French Oil Co. Now a division of Total Oil Co.
• French Government - Ministry of Finance
• General Electric Co. - Rescom unit
• Geosource Corp., a division of Aetna Insurance.
• Pan American Airlines
• Peek plc - A British "Smart Sensors" public company
• S.C.R.E.G.- A leading French Construction Co., now a division of Bouygues Group.
• Southland Corp. (7/11 Convenience Stores)
• Southwestern Bell Co. now AT&T
• Tandy Corp/Radio Shack

We have also successfully intermediated Acquisition transactions for leading American Private Equity Groups or Corporations like:
• Andlinger & Co.
• Echlin, Inc., now Dana Corp.
• Founders Equity
• Hawley Group, now Tyco Corp.
• HIG Capital
• JPE, Inc.
• Pon North America
• Simon Engineering plc
• Trivest, Inc.
• Varity Corp.
• Weiss, Peck & Greer

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