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Catric Corporation   Merger Acquisition Investment Divesture Services for Professional Investor Groups, Public & Private Companies
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Current Transactions
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Current Transactions

Currently we are engaged in a number of new assignments.
A selective sample are:

1. Beverage, Candy and Confectionary Manufacturing, Importing and Distributing.
2. High Performance Automotive Parts and Accessories.
3. Plastics Fabricators and Processing of all types.
4. Consumer Packaged Goods, Foods and Cosmetics.

Business-to-Business Services
1. Electronic Alarms and Fire Security Services and Monitoring.
2. Security Guards and related services.
3. Sports Promotions, Events Marketing and Sponsorships Companies.
4. Medical Service Providers like Dialysis, Nursing Services, etc.
5. Advertising and Sales Promotions Companies.
6. Commercial, Industrial and Residential Electrical Contractors.
7. Oilfield Services and Facilities Providers.
8. Janitorial Supplies and Services.
9. For Profit Schools.

Equity Capital for Management Teams and Owners
1. Several of our client Funds are interested in financially backing highly talented and proven Management teams with from $5 million to $200 million in Equity. If you are looking to build a new Company both by Acquisition and/or Internal Growth in a field where you have previously strongly succeeded, our clients will accommodate you and guarantee you up to 20% of the Equity no matter how many add-on Acquisitions are made or additional new Equity invested.
2. We have a substantial number or Private Equity clients who are interested in non-controlling Investments alongside the Owners/Management Team. These funds can be used for expansion, recapitalization, generational change, strengthening the Balance Sheet and similar purposes.

Strategic and Financial Buyer Prospects
We also have assignments to Buy Companies for several Major Foreign and Local Corporations and Equity Funds, for example:

1. A large European Food Company with several subsidiaries in the USA is interested in acquiring Confectionery Companies in the USA. The prospects need to have a Branded product, be profitable and have sales exceeding $100 million. They are particularly interested in Candy Manufacturers, Food Colorings, Additives, etc.
2. A large European Industrial Group, with a major global presence is interested in acquiring US Industrial Companies with Sale in this $100-500 million range, profitable and with a superior technology. They like companies in the high performance sector of the Automotive Market, Hydraulics, Pneumatics, Electronic Security devices, Interactive Cable/TV Systems, Industrial and Power Tools, Linear-Motion Technology and similar. This is an ideal "Strategic" player to sell a successful portfolio company to, as an exit strategy
3. We maintain an active database of over 500 USA Private Equity Funds, many of whom are looking for Acquisitions. Their interests are varied but best suited for Companies with at least $10 million in Sales or $1 million in EBITDA and greater.
4. We are searching for troubled, underperforming or challenged High Technology or Communications/Telecommunications Companies, for a client of ours. They are interested in portfolio companies with:
• More than $100 million in Sales
• Low or even negative Operating Margins
• Matured Products or Services
• Possibly deteriorating employee or customer relationships
5. We are looking for a Manufacturer of Plastic Packaging products supplying Pharmaceutical, Medical, Personal Care and Cosmetics markets. It needs to be Headquartered in the Midwest and have sales of $25 to $100 million.
6. We are looking for Manufacturers of Wireless Communications Products with Sales from $10 million to $100 million. Our clients are interested in either Merging or Acquiring.
7. We are looking for several Companies who serve the Smart Parking, Access and Revenue Control Systems markets.

Focused Searches
Catric Corporation specializes in conducting Retained Searches for Buyers with clear acquisition criteria. We have been continuously active in this Business since 1984 and in that time we have successfully completed over 80 assignments.

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